For several years of work we realized we want to bring our own style not only in the creation of hookahs. Since our founding some projects have been realized: Shisha Temple lounge, Kalyanbali Jewelry. All our projects - this is something we would be surrounded with pleasure first of all ourselves, in the interior we like to be, the music we listen to, the jewelry we wear. This is something we would like to share with friends. It's not just money business, it's one of the most important personal idea for us. We don't have and don't look for investors and partners. We use only our creative potential, our talent and rely on our own strength. This is our lifestyle. Lifestyle by Kalyanbali. 




The our philosophy is to be unique in general and reproduce the exceptional Bali atmosphere by materials and form of the hookahs and jewelry.


An aesthetic pleasure - it is what we need to receive from any process.


We individually handcraft each piece and thoroughly enjoy the process. We continually study and practice to improve our craftsmanship. We've worked hard to attain, and which we do all we can to keep and improve.



Showroom: Jl. Bali Deli, 28 Seminyak, Bali-Indonesia

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